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Hero Siege [x86] [Native] [ENG] 

Hero Siege
Год Выпуска: 2013
Жанр: RPG / Roguelike / Hack 'n' Slash
Разработчик: Jussi Kukkonen и Elias Viglione
Издательство: Panic Art Studios
Архитектура: x86
Лицензия: Проприетарная
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Таблэтка: вылечено
Системные требования:
  • Процессор: двухъядерный 1.8 Ггц
  • Видеокарта: 512 мб видеопамяти
  • Жёсткий диск: 100 мб свободного места
  • Процессор: четырёхъядерный 2.4 ГГц
  • Видеокарта: 1 гб видеопамяти
  • Жёсткий диск: 100 мб свободного места
Hero Siege — Indie Hack 'n' Slash игр с элементами рогалика (roguelike). Царство Tarethiel захвачено существами, вышедшими из самого ада. Ваша миссия — спасти несчастных граждан от неминуемой и мучительной гибели. Хватайте топор и лук, захватите немного магии и вперёд — на борьбу со злом.
Доп. информация:
Все DLC (дополнительные персонажи, 5–6 акты) разблокированы. Игра полная.
Порядок установки:
Ссылки: Трейлер | Купить в Steam-Игра обновлена 29.04.2016 с версии до версии См. ченджлог
Игра обновлена 4.04.2016 с версии до версии См. ченджлог
Игра обновлена 30.03.2016 с версии до версии См. ченджлог
Игра обновлена 9.03.2016 с версии до версии Доработано, улучшено и добавлено очень многое


- Disabled shop button while loading saves which was causing lost gold / crystals etc.
- Remade the minion section in shop.
- Khorga crashing game fixed
- Fixed renaming only giving max 6 chars
- Text now works properly in chat.
- Fixed Marksman's homing missile.
- Fixed player 2 selling items crashing game in co-op
- Exitting Siege Mode resets relics and relic factor, this is not the place to farm relics in.
- Wormholes are now guarded by the Demon God.
- Paladin Lightning now fixed 25% chance to proc.
- Changed how paladin's lightning works

- Fixed ZEAL on Viking
- Changed a bit how homing rockets work.
- Fixed a few small bugs.

- AS over 1750 will compress back to 1750 on weapons
- Toned down damage from reflections
- Fixed marksman client crashing
- Gurag no longer drops WH Key at portal

- Buffed Weapon life steal alot
- You can now navigate trade window with WASD
- Capped max gold to 20 million.
- Nerfed Miniboss HP to a more suitable amount.
- Minion and Player death flags now have light source.
- Wormhole levels are reset due to a bug in clients and the ability to exploit and boost.
- The above problems have been tested and fixed, if further problems appear please report them
- Fixed some classes having wrong heads if no hat in chat.
- Fixed trading items messing up stats etc
- Fixed a bug where clients wormhole level was always increased when boss died
- Fixed boosting in wormhole, lower wormholes can no longer raise your wh if its higher than
the opened one.
- Fixed reflection damage.
- Fixed gold going below 0.
- Nerfed Paladin's Righteous fury alot by decreasing amount healed
- Nerfed Paladin's Holy Nova by increasing its cooldown
- Re-worked marksman's multishot talent to (damage / arrow_amount + (1% + (0.5% * talent_amount)))
In english, arrows now divide damage and increase individual damage output by talent points.
- Marksman Homing Rockets now have a turning rate.

- Wormholes are now reset and gear is now compressed due to new item system.
- Crypts and Dungeons now show up in the minimap
- Slightly decreased the amount of elites and rares spawned
- Items now have "ilevel" as in "item level" that scales the item's stats.
- Improved the combat engine alot! Low level attacking should now be more dynamic.
- Minibosses now scaled accordingly.
- Increased level 1 character base damage.
- Items sell for max 1500g now.
- Gold and WH Keys are reset for the new season.
- Nerfed weapon life per hit from 25% to 2.5% and mana from 5% to 1%
- Wormholes now have a timer which will destroy the upgrade button if it passes.
- Max Relics is now 20.
- Treasure fort now shows up in minimap
Fixed Crashes and bugs
- Amazon, Demonspawn and Demon Slayer can now obtain homing shots and spectral arrow
- Fixed boss casting too rapidly on 30 FPS
- The game now prompts you if it disconnects you for ping being too high
- Player 2 on co-op can now buy wormhole keys
- Fixed life & mana per hit for traded weapons.
- Client now has its own damage from its own weapon
- Fixed a crash while trading.
- Fixed boss spawning time on 30 FPS
- Fixed maggots spitting too frequently on 30 FPS
- Fixed title dissapearing when beating Destruction
- Fixed 800 AS weapon going back to 600
- You no longer need to spam the merchants for crystals or wormholekeys, you can just press them as many times as you want to
- Fixed zones resetting from renaming.
- No more death flag on host if he enters on portal for clients
- Clients now get as much XP as hosts.
- Pyromancer's Blazing Trail now slows enemies.
- Increased projectile speed on marksman, pyro, necro and amazon.
- Increased ranged STR => Damage from 4 per point to 8 per point.
- Increased melee STR => Damage from 8 per point to 12 per point.
- Lowered max armor to 95%
- Increased the need of armor to reach max dodge
- Doubled spell damage scaling from attributes (Synergy scaling).
- Scaled regular minion HP after level 150 alot.
Also we released the supporter pack, go get your awesome Doom Bringer paladin skin!

My bad I forgot to press publish due to being very busy leaving the office, all fixed now please restart your client and get the update!

- Satanic gear can now drop for all slots.
- Fixed desync in gurag throne for clients
- Fixed gurag casting after death.
- You can now choose from which zone of the act you start from.
- [TAB] opens minimap now which will show enemies and legendaries / mythics.
- Nerfed manacosts in wormholes.
- Corrected Uber Inoya
- Added enemy stacks into the new Uber Inoya
- Life per hit on wep now scales with the damage, its 25% of its damage.
- Increased all minion movement speed.
- Increased damage scaling on weapons.
- Increased Stamina scaling.
- all items now have random offstats, not only energy.
- crystal chests in wormhole no longer drop insane loot.
- Holy Grail relic fixed for clients.
- tick frequency on enemy aoe attacks lowered to 2 per second.
- Max dodge % is now 95
- Max armor is now 99%
- Fixed text boxes when talking to NPC.
- We did alot of performance optimization with the particle system removing and limiting blood etc.
- Fixed a bug on Demon Slayer player 2
- Fixed a crash with the client player.
- Removed "Player X died" when entering dungeon, crypt, ladder, shop etc.
- Fixed talents not updating right on multiplayer causing procs not to work and spells not to scale etc etc.

- Improved Minion AI by making them follow you if too far from you.
- Increased base Movement Speed slightly.
- Made soundtracks on zones fade in over 2 seconds.
- Increased the MAX amount of relics shown in pause screen.
- Fixed a crash in coop with the holy bible -relic.
- Fixed going to Karp King's lair showing up as town for clients.
- Fixed a crash with Necromancers minions in multiplayer.
- Improved tooltips for items linked to chat.
- Added "Enemies left" counter for clients.
- Fixed dropping items.
- Fixed # symbol in chat and server naming.
- Melee minions can no longer kill Mevius in phase one.
- Spike traps no longer hurt you if you have flying.
- Damage from players can no longer be negative, if its lower than 20 its set to 20.
- Lowered manacost scaling outside of wormholes.
- Increased manacost inside wormholes a bit.
- Inventory items can now be linked to the chat with shift click.
- Fixed Player 2 manacost in co-op.
- Fixed experience gain not shown in inventory.
- Fixed a client bug with mana.
- Fixed health text not decreasing.
- Optimized how combat text shows.
- 2X relic now works correctly for all players.
- Fixed Necronomicon casting bar for clients.
- Re-worked areas in ACT 2, ACT 3, ACT 4
- Re-worked boss throne dungeons
- Added Pyramid theme music
- Added Throne theme music
- Improved item stat scaling through the game. (Much bigger scaling now)
- Added China, Hong Kong
- Added Brazil, São Paulo
- Change US provider to Microsoft Azure and location Central US.

- You can no longer die from 100% hp with one hit, if the damage exceeds your max hp it will
instead deal 85% of your max hp.
- Spectator camera now uses movement keybinds.
- Fixed minions dying right away.
- Fixed a bug in clients causing a crash.


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